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Baker's Chocolate

Baker's Chocolate

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One beautiful pound of 70% dark chocolate made from Cayapas River, Ecuador cacao.

This cacao from Cayapas River can most accurately be described with three words: chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate!  This is that fudgy, dark brownie, nostalgic chocolate flavor that we all crave, in its best incarnation.  This would make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.

What We Taste: deep dark brownies • fudge • roasted sugar

This bean-to-bar chocolate is manufactured in our tiny kitchen in Eagle Mountain, Utah from organic and sustainably sourced beans from Cayapas River, Ecuador.

Ingredients: Cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter* (*organic ingredients)

Net weight: 454g / 16oz

Allergen Information: Made on shared equipment that processes nuts and dairy